Going to the beach…don’t leave home without…

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OK, with what we do, we’re at the beach a LOT (#sorrynotsorry) 🙂

That said, everyday we have our go-to essentials to make a quick, daily beach jaunt easy, fun and low-stress!!

Here are our 5 must-haves on beach day:

  1. #SexySporty #Bikini – you knew that was #1 on the list and, for us, we ALWAYS lean on comfort and function over everything else.  YES, there’s always a touch of sexy in all bikinis, but remember that part is YOU so be comfy. 
  2. Watermelon Bag – that’s right, it’s a watermelon!!  It’s beyond super-cute AND, again, super-functional.  Keeps your water bottle cool and lets you throw other basics that won’t melt at the beach!  
  3. Pineapple Trucker Hat – only rookies head to the beach without some kind of hat!!  We have a ton of hats we love, but for this “must-have list” we honor the Pineapple as it is our go-to several days a week!!  
  4. Ray-Ban Erika Shades – no explanation needed…again, only rookies don’t grab their faves here!!  We like a little more coverage and 100% UV and we just love us some Erika 😉                                                           

That’s it!!!  You can always bring more, but these you MUST-HAVE!!!  Enjoy…

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