Does a quick AND nutritious meal really exist??

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100% YES – and we will bring you many of these meals because eating healthy simply can’t mean complicated…life is too complicated already to have eating a good meal added to the list!!

One of our favorite go-to meals (we eat it anytime of the day) is avocado toast! Anyone can make this simple meal with 3 ingredients. Our version is as follows:

  1. Toast a slice or two (depending on how hungry you are) of pumpernickel bread or rye (like this type as it has a lower glycemic index then whole wheat)
  2. Mashed up avocado (1/4 to 1/2 ripe hass)
  3. An egg or two – that depends how many slices of toast you are using (hard boiled, over easy, over medium, scrambled – whatever floats your boat)
  4. Crushed red pepper (optional) or black pepper

Take the toast, spread your avocado on (we then like to sprinkle crushed red pepper), then top with your choice of egg.

Let us know if you like it? ┬áMaybe you already make this…. how do you do it?




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